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We would like to introduce the person ( MADHU DHAMALA) working behind your beautiful journeys with Himalayan Sewa and Expeditions.

He is a hardworking and dedicated person with the immense passion for exploring the beautiful mountain region of Nepal. He started his journey as a Porter, travelling through all the trekking routes in this beautiful mountain country. With his passion and hardworking nature, he is now a manager and a guide who offers to provide you the best possible experience during your stay in Nepal. Having over a decade of experience in conducting treks, he has given the company hundreds of satisfied customers and nice reviews, which motivates all our staff to work hard. He promotes sustainable tourism and hopes to be a part of many more journeys and adventures in the mesmerizing Himalayas.

Why Himalayan Sewa ?

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“Because we thrive to give you the most unforgettable experience of your life.”

Himalayan sewa and expedition was established with the vision of giving something back to the community while venturing inside the tourism industry. We are well established company with a lot of experience in the travel and tourism industry. We at Himalayan sewa thrive to provide you with the most authentic experience of exploring the raw and unspoiled beauty of Nepal. We have a team of professional, dedicated and experienced staff with deep understanding of the landscape, flora and fauna, and the culture and tradition of the Mountain people. We have had hundreds of satisfied travelers and trekkers over the years. With us you will be able to explore the deep roots of the Himalayan region of Nepal.


Nepal is blessed both ecologically and culturally. With the diverse range of landscapes, isolated destinations and unspoiled beauty, Nepal is a prime destination for all people who love adventure and just the sheer joy of travelling. We are here to promote healthy and sustainable ecotourism for better future “Naturally Nepal: Just once is not enough.”

Our Client, our Priority:

Our clients are our first priority. We have well designed trip packages that will allow you to enjoy and explore Nepal to the maximum in a comforting manner. We offer full range of travelling services like hiking, trekking, peak climbing and other adventurous activities in the mountain region. We are flexible with our trip packages. We give you the opportunity of customizing your trip package according to your time and budget. Himalayan sewa believes in providing quality service to each client with utmost care and concern. Working with our guides and porters with over a decade of experience in trekking we have come up with well-designed trekking routes with which you will be able to complete your journey with comfort and observe some of the most breathtaking mountain scenery in the entire planet.

Our responsibility:

Our clients are our responsibility and we are extremely concerned for your safety. Himalayan Sewa has well equipped staffs, insurance and all the support in case of natural disasters or any emergency situation.

Our Concern for your Health

The adventurous trekking routes of the Himalayan region takes days to complete. To be able to complete this journey, one should be healthy and in great shape throughout the trek. However the journey is unpredictable and often takes toll on the traveler’s health.  We are extremely concerned for your health and will do our best to see that you are in good health throughout the trek. We prioritize hygienic and organic food during the journey. Our staff are also trained in basic culinary arts and first aid techniques to help you in case of need.

The long days of trekking will often leave you tired and exhausted. During trekking our staff will often say jokes or sing songs to take that tiredness away. We want you to be refreshed and relaxed not tired.

Giving back to the Community:

Himalayan sewa has always believed in giving back to the community. It is the reason why we differ from all the other travel agencies that exists in Nepal. Our staff are involved with social works and volunteering. We work together with our charity partner “Creating Possibilities (CP) in Nepal.” CP is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit social organization. CP envisions a democratic society where all children and women have their basic human rights fulfilled. CP works in the education sector and for underprivileged women and children. We share the same vision as “Creating Possibilities in Nepal” and to fulfill this vision we give 10% of the earned profits to Creating Possibilities Nepal.

[For more information on CP Nepal and the work they are doing visit www.cpn.org.np]

We want to convert your holiday in Nepal into the most adventurous and unforgettable experience in your life. So join us at Himalayan Sewa and Expeditions for your next trip to Nepal.

Our Members

Pema Wanchu Sherpa

Senior trekking guide

An honest helpful and informative trekking guide Pema Wanchu Sherpa, Started his carrier as a local porter and his passion of hardworking and mountain travelling, He have worked with thousands of satisfied customer since over two decades. He usually got a lot of repeated and recommended customer for his trekking. Do not hesitate to take him as your trekking guide, I guaranty you appreciate our great company of warm hospitality.

Niraj Dhamala

Trekking Guide

An honest and humble person with multi-talent, Niraj Dhamala is working with us for a long time, started as a trekking porter and explore many touristic destinations in Nepal. He became a guide with so much informative knowledge of Nepalese culture, traditions, history and their society. You'llfeels lucky to have him as your guide for your adventure journey in Nepal.

Santosh Dhamala

Tour and trekking guide

A man with tons of knowledge of Nepalese culture, history, and their territories, Santosh Dhamala good looking gentleman who has a passion to work hard and give big care of his clients and consider to provide them the best service. Working as a city tour guide and trekking guide. You'll be proud to have his as your guide during your travel in Nepal.

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